About Myca Loar

Since childhood, Myca's bedroom was ever changing. There was always a new element to examine each time a visitor came into her room. "I love making spaces that create and evoke memories," Myca explains. 

Myca's career began in the fashion industry, working with Steve Madden in New York City. Her fascination with design grew while in NYC. As a passion of hers, she attends New York Fashion Week each year. When she returned to her hometown, of Denver, she began to pursue her life long infatuation with Interior Design and Shiny Bones was born. 

"I founded Shiny Bones to be an expressionistic form of design for the client and myself," Myca states. "I strive to make each creation a unique perspective." Her designs are intriguing and modernistic, appealing to forward thinkers. 

Myca loves searching for once in a lifetime experiences across the globe. She believes, "travel and new experiences are a path to inspiration in my design." In addition to her career and travels, she also loves spending time with her three dogs, Jag, Jane and Hudson. She is proud of her work with TCON, a non-profit organization that helps neglected African widows and their children become self-sufficient.